What the hell!?! Oh wait…

I’m so excited to share this with you…..!!!! I feel great! Like the tingly all over body sensation when something really awesome is about to happen. Know what I mean?!

These last few weeks have been very difficult for me. I have had more emotions going through my mind than I even knew I had! I was a wreck and having anxiety attacks every couple hours. It was a scary feeling, especially when I had almost no hope left. I knew I felt different and it felt just plain wrong. Something had shifted, I wasn’t feeling positive, I was feeling down on myself. What happened in me? What occurred to make this shift happen? That’s when I realized what it was….

I let someone else control my feelings. I gave up my power to them. Not their fault. It was my own, and I say that very lovingly. All too often in my past 30 years of living have I let others have the reins on my feelings. Of course, this will drive anyone mad to just let someone has this sort of power over them.

Not anymore. I’m the only one that has control over my life. And control I have taken. I can’t truly talk very candidly about everything that has happened(ing) only because well yea…you’ll find out lovers!

Well ok here’s a couple things…I moved, I finally love my apartment! It’s 5 minutes from the Atlantic, the ocean has always been a form of healing for me. I’ve been hanging out with a couple people from a Meetup group I attend. This group has been AMAZING. They are some of the most supportive, beautiful people in the world. I thank my stars every day for them and wish that everyone had the same support from others as this group gives to me. Just these two things alone, gives me great hope for the future. Every day, every minute we should live our lives for the love of our lives, ourselves.

I’ve become very aware recently as well, to how much self nurturing I need to give to myself. Salt baths, soothing music, meditating, and I even started a yoga regimen! Starting tomorrow I will be taking actual yoga classes because I joined the YMCA and can take full advantage of their classes oh and not to mention their pools and gym! Phew….one day at a time still though. Sometimes I get caught up in everything going on and quite frankly my anxiety will start getting the best of me. That’s when I stop, breath, and read. Reading always helps.

Anyway, I’m so happy to report to you, that I am well and happy! I am human, I still have my days where I regress and go “why me?” That’s when I look at all the positive changes that have occurred and I can’t argue with that. I can’t argue with the Universe for showing me that negative energy that surrounds you will only lead to more negative. Once that bad, nastiness is gone, the light will shine and in so many ways you didn’t realize was possible.

Hope truly hope that you too can experience this. I hope that you give the Universe a chance to shine for you as well. Trust me in saying that once you allow this to happen, you’ll never want to go back. Trust in the Universe in knowing that it has your back. It supports you, in every way. When you think the world is against you, the Universe is for you every step of the way. Just ask.

I hope my blog finds you well and loving fully.

Affirmation: The Universe has my back, I’m completely supported.


—-That’s from Drake up there! How awesome is he!?

Take care of yourselves and each other.




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