Time To Get Real

I feel a major shift coming. I mean major.

Happy New Year’s everyone!


(I can’t begin to tell you how much I identify with this picture at this time in my life.)

Hope you didn’t do anything I wouldn’t do! ūüėČ ¬†So here we are the very first day of the new year. ¬†Typically, I don’t see a big deal in it. For me, I just to use every day as a new beginning, who wants to wait 234 days or 67 days for a new beginning to start. ¬†I wanna know that June 24th, if for some reason I’m having a shitty day, I can start over the next day. Why wait another 6 months for that?

So as you can probably tell I’m not big on resolutions because resolutions are really just intentions for the rest of your year. Every day I try to set an intention. ¬†The intention to remember “food is fuel” (thanks Kasey Arena!), the intention to help people without the expectation of getting something in return, or even just lowering my expectations. ¬†That sounds scary right? Lowering expectations? Quite frankly, when we have these cRAzY expectations for others is because of our own need for perfection. ¬†Remember, we’re already perfect.

Anyway, the point to this blog, is set intentions everyday. ¬†Maybe the beginning of your year can help you remember or figure out what you want your life to become in this new year. ¬†My grand intention is to dive deeper spiritually, which I do every year, and to volunteer more. ¬†I don’t need to get back. When I’m giving that’s what matters. Seeing smiles on people’s faces, hearing kind words. ¬†That is what really matters in my life.

Last year, was what I call a “coming to terms” year. ¬†I was able to pick apart a lot obstacles, relationships, and situations to better understand their need to be in my life, no matter how bad they seemed. I’d like to think every day I become more of what is wanted and needed in my life. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to understand that. ¬†If you have ever been on a similar path, you’ll know just what I’m talking about. Some people won’t understand or even care to understand why you feel the way you do. That’s ok though, that is their own path in life. Try to always remember that. ¬†It’s super hard to sometimes I know. ¬†Trust me, there have been¬†times of wanting to scream at the top of my lungs at people to tell them they are selfish, ignorant, or plain mean. ¬†That will do me no good. ¬†It will also do you no good. ¬†Those people that do nothing but cause you heartache and distress, only deserve healthy boundaries.

…And that is where my new year starts…now that I can say I can identify situations and persons that no longer serve my greater good. ¬†My next step is to now create the life through thoughts that only greet me daily with positive interactions¬†and love. ¬†Again, I’m ready to face adversity. ¬†Ready for the naysayers. ¬†Ready for the ones that will try to deter me with their negative words. ¬†This will not be an easy task but with dedication I CAN and WILL do it. ¬†This is where I feel my major shift coming in.

What are your intentions for the new year?

Affirmation – Creating will lead me to what I need the most.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. ¬†Life’s about creating yourself” – George Bernard Shaw

Watch this…I love listening to Jim Carrey.

Get Real. Give Love.




Crown Chakra – Yes, enlighten me

Well here we are…the very last, of the major chakras, the crown chakra. ¬†First, thank you for reading these and I hope you were able to shed some light on anything going on with you to your chakras. My hopes are that you understand your chakras and take some of the tools away for your own good. ¬†When you elevate yourself, you elevate the world. ¬†Let’s get this baby started, shall we?

The 7th chakra is the sahasrara chakra, or your crown chakra. Located at the top of your head and represented by the color violet it asks you to connect to a higher power, be at peace and enlightened. ¬†The mantra associated with the crown chakra is…that’s right…silence. ¬†Just like the third eye chakra though you can use OM. ¬†tumblr_l8e33gTV4d1qbv37zo1_500


I seriously, seriously…love… the crown chakra and it’s probably my favorite chakra. ¬†I feel as though if I could truly get this chakra balanced, everything else would fall into place. ¬†The reason that I feel this way is because I’m a firm believer you are open to whatever you believe in whether that be God, the Universe, whatever, then your need for material wealth and outside relationships to make you full, will be eliminated.

Let’s start with the dirt. ¬†What happens when your crown chakra is closed or overactive? ¬†Your link to something greater than you will seem non-existent. Exhibiting anger at God and blaming the victim in your relationship will be commonplace. ¬†There will also be the belief that you don’t have a life’s purpose. ¬†You’d find it hard to stay positive and keep a negative outlook life.

Physically when your crown is off kilter, you would have a sensitivity to light, get frequent headaches (like I currently have), insomnia, and dizziness. Always of course consult your doctor is you’re feeling weird.

How exactly would it feel to have a balanced 7th chakra? ¬†Ah yes. ¬†There would be a clear understanding that God has your back. ¬†That everything in your life has a purpose and reason behind it. ¬†Rather than blaming God for what has happened in your life, you’d embrace it and know that you are fully supported by a higher power. ¬†You will also be very wise and your willingness to help others will be of great importance.


Michelle, please tell me what your tidbits of advice are to open this grand chakra? Your wish is my command! Seeing as silence is the mantra for the crown, I suggest sitting in silence.  Turn off those electronic devices and get real.  Your phone, computer, tablet none of these things should define you.  They may be part of who you are but they are NOT who you really are.  You are a spirit being here on a mission to love others and choose to take the love avenue rather than fear road.  Drink water.  Water is going to help you rejuvenate and hydrate your senses.  Wearing  amethyst or even clear quartz, some say white is also a color of the crown chakra, will help signal the energy flow to keep on a moving.  I also read somewhere, that if you eat food that is grown in sunshine will help purify your 7th chakra.  I love the thought of pure food like that, right from the ground, roots in the Earth waiting for you to eat the pure energy.  I just felt myself get a little too hippie.

No matter what chakra your trying to free, what life experience your dealing with, what person is driving you nuts, meditation is so important.  Clear your mind and wait for all the answers to come to you.  Gabrielle Bernstein states that praying is asking the question and meditation is the answer.  I agree with this 100%.

I’m so happy you’ve joined me on our journeys together through the chakra system. May this series help you in whatever you may need. If of course, you have any questions about the chakras or anything in general, please contact me!

Love to you all.  Get Real.

Affirmaton- I am guided by my divine inner being and know that the world is here for my learning.




Third Eye Chakra – Can You See What I See?

I have hope that you all are enjoying your holiday week! For those of you that are with me here in New England have been enjoying a fairly pleasant end of fall, beginning of winter so far.  So here we are at the tail end of December.  What have you learned about yourself this year?  What ended but what began beautifully at the same time?

ONWARD! To the third eye chakra aka anja in Sanskrit meaning “command”. ¬†Here we see this chakra represented by the color indigo and its location being, you got it, right at your third eye or in between your eyebrows.


I bet I know what you’re thinking. ¬†You already know about this chakra. ¬†Is it just me, or does society know most about the third eye chakra more than any other chakra? ¬†This is where we hold our psychic abilities. ¬†Astral travel, past life regression, any other higher realm of consciousness is all situated at your ajna.

What awesomeness will you or would you experience if your third eye was balanced? ¬†Let’s see here….you will have a greater ability to connect with your angels, spirit guides, anyone that has even passed over to the other side. ¬†You know your connection with a higher being, whether that be God, the Universe, and whatever you’d like to call it, goes without saying. ¬†The bond you have with God is one that is impenetrable and you want to be able to spread the love around. ¬†Wanna know what it’s like to be able to see your past lives or be able to at least tap into them? ¬†Open your third eye!

Now what if your 6th chakra is closed? ¬†What happens then? ¬†Do you already know what it’s like to experience a closed third eye? ¬†Some symptoms include: creating circumstances unto do not exist or blowing things out of proportion. ¬†(Yea I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever do that), lack of common sense, the inability to listen to intuition, difficulty in understanding the spirit world, and this is where mental illnesses are held.

Physically, when your brow chakra is a little say…off…you’ll experience things such as headaches, sinus issues, vision problems, ear aches, and even tumors. ¬†Go see your doctor though if you’re experiencing any of those symptoms, ya know so science and spirit can work harmoniously.

Now you know all the crap that can come along with a blocked third eye chakra, so let’s take care of it, shall we?

Spell it out with me.. M-E-D-I-T-A-T-E. YAY! I’m so proud of you for coming along this far and making a real commitment on healing yourself. ¬†Sometimes new “New Agey” ideas are the ones that make you go hmmmmmm. ¬†Like previously mentioned in the root chakra post, chakras have been around for years and years and years….way more than modern medicine. ¬†Honestly though, I’d prefer for spirit and mind to work together. ¬†If we could only work together to get our spirit selves up to date with our mind selves, can you imagine what we could accomplish?? When my third eye chakra is working correctly, I see the world in a whole new view. ¬†No matter what is going on in my life, no matter how shitty, no matter how much I want to give up, spirit always leads me back to my safe place. ¬†Quite frankly, the only person we will always have around is ourselves, so let’s be gentle, loving, and willing to open ourselves. ¬†Sorry! I digressed there! ¬†Here’s your meditation!

Alright, alright, alright. Feeling better? I always feel like I can conquer the world when my brow chakra is balanced. Do you see a big difference in when it’s open to when it’s closed like I do?

Eat purple. ¬†Not Barney or the purple people eater…that’d be weird. ¬†Eat eggplant, blueberries, and actually all those kinds of berries. ¬†OH! You know what else is good for the third eye? ¬†Omega-3 foods such as fish and fatty acids, these foods help with brain function, so yeah you can see why it’d help with your third eye.

Ok so what else? ¬†Don’t forget to repeat your mantra. ¬†For the third eye chakra we’re going to be repeating OM. ¬†Like the others, sit back wherever you are and if possible close your eyes and repeat OM. ¬†This will help you get centered and receive infinite guidance from your inner guide. Oh and let’s not forget to carry an amethyst stone or make a necklace out of one.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas or hope your Hanukkah was best yet. ¬†Fill the holidays with love and support. ¬†We’re here for each other, now let’s show it!

Affirmation-  I trust my inner guidance for it will only lead me to good.



Throat Chakra — Say What?!?!

*Ahem* Excuse me, I was clearing my throat.

Anyway, on to the throat chakra aka vishuddha in Sanskrit meaning “especially pure”. ¬†Represented by the color blue, I like to call this the “speak your truth” chakra.


The throat chakra is located at the base of the throat.  This means physical ailments such as laryngitis, tonsillitis, ear and sinus infections, sore shoulders, speech defects and neck problems. Not fun right?

When your vishuddha is blocked or overactive you with being wishy-washy, unreliable, give mixed signals, being dishonest with others and yourself, manipulation of others, a lover of gossip and can even lead to an addiction with drugs and alcohol.

So basically, if your throat chakra is open or balanced the bad stuff will turn into good stuff. ¬†You’ll have a better ability to express yourself, there will always be a want and need to speak your truth, vulnerability will be easy for you, and reliability.

How about we work on getting your throat chakra all nice and balanced, shall we?

Here we have a little meditation to get you on your way to being able to speak more freely and lovingly.

Seeing as we are on our 5th chakra, what are some other ways you can work your magic to get your throat chakra all clear and balanced?  Think about it.

As stated prior, the color associated with this chakra is blue.  Have a blue shirt? What about a blue tie? Or maybe even a blue skirt?  OOOOO put them all together! Ha! Hey whatever fits your fancy, go for it.  Remember speak that truth. Your authenticity is a beautiful gift that you give to those around you and touch far from you.

Gemstones such as sapphire and blue agate will also help you in getting that blue energy swirling. ¬†Make a bracelet or necklace with these stones or even just blue beads. ¬†This is exactly what I do. ¬†I make the very bracelets that I wear. ¬†It adds a personal touch to them plus you’re being creative at the same time!

You get it now right? The throat chakra is all about speaking your truth. ¬†Being you. One way of getting this to get that voice out! ¬†Sing your heart out baby, whether that be in a car or even just the shower. ¬†Sing it loud and sing it proud. ¬†Let’s see..another way to really get that energy of sound going is by playing an instrument. ¬†Have you never played one or haven’t played one in a long time? ¬†Why not start or try again? ¬†This is seriously a really great way to get that heart chakra open. ¬†Music is a superhero to me.

As even the meditation stated, the Sanskrit mantra for vishuddha is HAM (don’t worry it makes me hungry too). Again, say this mantra at least 5 times preferably in a space that’s more quiet this way you can concentrate. ¬†Don’t worry you can say it all to yourself without anyone hearing you. Get that energy going! Start saying how you feel with loving undertones.

We all have times in our lives where we wished we could have said something or said it differently.  When going into a situation that you know may need extra care communication wise, repeat your HAM mantra, do a quick minute meditation asking for assistance so you say the right thing with only love as your intention.  Again, I am here for you if you need me.

Affirmation- I allow myself to be vulnerable and feel safe to express myself.



Heart Chakra — Gimme Some Lovin’

Alrighty, here it is, the heart chakra also known as anahata or “un-stuck” in Sanskrit. This chakra is associated with the color green and is, you guessed it, located near your heart and the middle of your chest.


So what do we need to know about the heart chakra?  Well first off, when your heart chakra is open you feel way more hmmm loving..yeah loving.  Feelings of generosity, confidence, inspiration, trust, kindness are all emotions you actually feel while having a balanced heart chakra. Not being afraid to express your love freely or being fearful of being along are two qualities that will heal while the anahata is open.

A blocked or overactive heart chakra will result in the following; hate, fear, jealousy, envy, lack of self discipline, sad,¬†distant, withdrawn, feelings of unworthiness or dependence on others for your happiness, you’re a people pleaser, and feel under appreciated. ¬†Blah….I prefer the open chakra. ¬†We all know what these ugly emotions feel like. ¬†They’re awful, but I promise you the second that you get a taste of those pure, positive, make you want french toast (wait what? Sorry must be hungry)…anyway, once you feel those emotions, you’ll never want them to leave. ¬†So really work at this one. ¬†In my opinion, this is one of the most important chakras, granted they’re all pretty dang important.

Personally, I really struggle with my heart chakra. ¬†Not a day goes by without my shoulders killing me, seeing as that’s where I hold all my stress. ¬†Can you relate to any of these ailments? ¬†Issues with your heart or lungs, circulatory issues, upper back problems, sleep apnea, or ashthma. ¬†Once again…you may want to see a doctor if you’re having these issues. ¬†If you are however, you also are going to want to work on balancing your heart chakra. ¬†But Michelle, how exactly do I do this? ¬†Well I am so glad you asked!

Oh yeah meditation time baby!

Seriously, isn’t this guy’s voice awesome?

There are of course other ways we can work on our anahata. ¬†For instance, the Sanskrit mantra for the heart chakra is Yam. ¬†Take a minute in the middle of your crazy work day, it can be in the office, car, or even the bathroom, but when you’re there repeat Yam. ¬†Don’t worry, you don’t have to say it out loud, it can stay in your head. ¬†This will help calm you down and bring you into a more present state.

What else…wear green, green clothes, green gems such as jade or emeralds. ¬†Practice forgiveness, hug more, find ways to be more kind such as volunteering or helping a friend in need. ¬†Whatever you chose to do, I hope that you are able to open your heart chakra more than you thought possible. ¬†It is my hope that you can find peace and love in your relationships. ¬†It is also my hope that you can find love within yourself yet still find compassion and kindness for others.

‘Til the throat chakra. ¬†The utmost peace to you.

Affirmation: I am forgiving and open myself to love.



Solar Plexus Chakra — Personal Strength

What the solar plexus chakra anyway??

Well this chakra, also known as manipura, is located half way between the naval and sternum and who’s associated color is yellow. ¬†This is what I like to call your personal strength or even better healthy personality chakra. ¬†Physically, manipura deals with your gallbadder, upper abdomen, liver, and your digestive system as a whole.


What’s it mean to you to have a healthy personality? ¬†Would you be arrogant or have poor self esteem if you had a healthy personality? ¬†There are so many people in this world right this second, that have a problem seeing their true awesomeness. ¬†For whatever reason is their own, they cannot see the beauty that is within themselves. ¬†Why they are lovable, why they deserve the best, and why they should never just settle. ¬†Know what I’m about to say? ¬†Very well these peeps could use a little solar plexus help.

To have a blocked or overactive solar plexus chakra means your inhabit certain personality undoings such as arrogance, feelings of rage, easy to judge others, need control, stubborn, poor self esteem, and just a plain lack of sense of self. Physically, you can get digestive disorders, stomachaches, and any other issue associated with manipura.(As always make sure you’re seeing a doctor) ¬†Sounds like a pretty bad day, huh? ¬†Imagine living like that daily. ¬†Do you? ¬†What would it feel like not to have theses emotions?

Having an open or balanced manipura would give you a feeling of self control, easier to express sorrow, outgoing, confident, and making choices becomes easier.

Sounds good right? Let’s start getting you balanced!

You know what time it is! Meditation time!

Feeling good now right?

Some other ways to get that self esteem rocking would be to go out in the sunlight, bask in it’s rays. ¬†Start trusting your gut more, when that intuitive voice is talking to you, listen! ¬†Awaken curiosities for instance, build a puzzle. ¬†Do whatever brings you joy, pure joy. ¬†Not what anyone else wants you to do, but what you want to do. Maybe that’s painting, gardening, playing basketball, or even going to the zoo. When you do what brings you happiness, that energy illuminates the rest of the world. ¬†Also, make sure you’re practicing self love. ¬†That could be a multitude of acts such as taking a hot bath or creating healthy boundaries between you and loved ones.

Make sure you’re eating food that promotes your solar plexus chakra. These food include bananas, lemons, and butternut squash….see what I did there….all yellow.

Oh and if you’d like to wear a bracelet, necklace, or even just carry a stone with you, go for a yellow jasper or topaz. These will help get your solar plexus energy swirling away!

Keep loving yourself. ¬†You’re seriously way more awesome than you may think!

Affirmation: I am confident in my choices and strong in my life.



Sacral Chakra Sexiness

Nice to see you again here on day 2 of our chakra journey together. ¬†Today we’re talking about our sacral chakra or otherwise known as the svadhisthana chakra. ¬†Others call it our 2nd chakra and it’s located at our naval, lower abdomen area of our body and represented by the color orange.

This is our sexy chakra. ¬†Our sexiness and sensuality is held here. ¬†Our soul’s creative experiences and endeavors are also located at the sacral. ¬†Passion, oh yes, passion lives here as well.


How can one identify with a closed sacral chakra?

Are you promiscuous (remember you’re just admitting this to yourself ūüėČ ) ? Do you manipulate others? Are you super, duper emotional? ¬†You just may have a blocked sacral chakra….let me explain.

When your sacral is blocked or closed you’ll feel certain emotions such as fear of abandonment, jealousy, fear of pleasure, drama queeny, lack of creativity, over emotional, and manipulative.

As far as the physical symptoms go there are possibilities of irregular menstrual cycles, lower back pain, bladder, urinary, and kidney infections. Some say even more serious conditions such as etopic pregnancy and ovarian cysts can be caused by a closed sacral chakra but lets just put this out there and always consult your doctor in such cases.

Ugh…just writing that bogs me down…ok the good stuff. ¬†When your svadhisthana is balanced you feel more sexual fulfillment, self confident, create healthy boundaries, open to sexual experiences, the ability to let your creative juices flow, and your overall quality of relationships will be better. ¬†FEEL THE PASSION!

Lets work on your sacral chakra, shall we?

Meditation time.  Come on you can do it!

By the way, this guy has an awesome accent that I could listen to for days.

Alright so what else?  How else can you improve your function of the sacral chakra?

You guessed it, eat orange foods!  Carrots, oranges but also coconut and cashews are great to help the swirling energy get going.

By keep orange calcite or amber with you by either wearing or even in your back pocket will help with the process of opening your sacral.  I say, if you really struggle with your sacral chakra, which I do believe most people do, then buy a necklace with amber.

Seeing as the sacral chakra is where your creativity lies, what makes you feel the most open and passionate when doing? Get that creativity up and running.  Write a short story, paint, dance, listen to some music that  gets you pumped, what about juggling!? Juggling can be creative!!!! The more we get our energy flowing the better we feel.  The less depression and anxiety we feel.  Shake up that energy, get your creativity on, and feel good.

Right now, I want you to try something. ¬†Close your eyes and picture an orange ball of energy around your naval area. Picture it in all its glory, swirling, faster and brighter the more it goes around and around. ¬†Now say VAM (Pronounced vang). ¬†This is the Sanskrit mantra associated with the sacral chakra. ¬†Until you inner guide tells you to stop, keep going. Having a hard time relationship wise during the day? Repeat Vam, and you can absolutely do this in your mind as well, doesn’t have to be out loud.

Now get out there and be passionate, have awesome relationships, and keep up your sexy!

Affirmation: I am full of passion and create loving, fulfilling relationships.



Root Chakra–Earth Energy

Here we go! Day 1 of our chakra series together and as you can see we’re heading to the root chakra. Tally-ho!

Here in chakraland the root chakra in Sanskrit is muladhara. ¬†This chakra can also be known as the base chakra or first chakra. ¬†You’ll see it being represented by the color red.

So what does this chakra represent? Well it’s location is at the base of your spine and being the closest to the ground gives you Earth’s energy. ¬†This chakra is considered the most important because you absorb the greatest amount of energy from Earth here. To truly align or open your other chakras, it’s important to keep this one open because it’s our connection with Mother Earth. ¬†The root chakra is associated with basic survival needs and some consider it our connection with our ancestors.

Fill in the blank: When muladhara is blocked I feel__________________. 

Bueller? Bueller?

K, I’ll help. ¬†When the root chakra is blocked some symptoms you can ¬†feel are laziness, anxiousness, anger, greediness, hard time accepting change, financial troubles, disorganized, afraid, depressed. ¬†Those being more emotional symptoms, some physical symptoms are irritable bowel syndrome, eating disorders, backaches, and hemorrhoids are all associated with a blocked root chakra.

Now, what do you think it feels like when your root chakra is aligned? ¬†You have courage, you feel secure, have the will to live, ¬†and you’ll just “know” that you are exactly where you are suppose to be in the world around you.

The best way to activate and really get your root chakra balanced is by meditating. I have included a short almost 4 minute meditation to get you on your way. ¬†You do not need to be a master at meditating to meditate, just be willing. ¬†Don’t worry about the thoughts that come to you sporadically, invite them in then bid them adieu. ¬†Meditation is learned and takes practice, do not get upset with yourself.

Other ways to to help align your muladhara?  Seeing as red is the way of the root, wear red clothing. Eat red food such as strawberries, beets, red apples, and eat foods that have roots (get it?).   These will help you to balance that Earthy chakra of yours.  Gemstones are another way to open up your chakras.  Take a garnet or bloodstone gem and carry it with you. Sandlewood and rosemary are the smells associated with the root chakra, grab some incense and start smelling away!

LAM is the Sanskrit mantra for the root , close your eyes and picture a red ball of energy swirling around the base of your spine and repeat “LAM” as many times as it feels needed, your inner guide will let you know when it’s time to stop.

Remember, it’s most important to work on the root chakra first because it will lead your way in aligning the rest of your chakras.

Get ready to feel more courageous, safe, have less depression, and feel less angry. Sounds great right?? Get to it! You can do this and of course if you need me in any way you’re more than welcome to contact me.

Affirmation: ¬†My body is secure and I’m exactly where I should be in life. ¬†I am at peace with the world around me.



Chakras? What? Intro Time!

Chakras. ¬†Have you heard of them? ¬†What kind of knowledge do you have about them? ¬†Throughout the next week you’ll be learning more about your very own chakra system. ¬†I love everything about chakras. ¬†You can really tell what kind of issues a person is having when they have physical symptoms and you can associate it with chakras. ¬†This can be truly life transforming when you get to the true cause of someone’s illnesses. ¬†Be prepared for some awe inspiring, “holy crap that finally makes sense” moments.

Energy centers that are effected by our emotional and physical states.  Yes, that is exactly what a chakra is, in a nutshell.  Ok, so here we go.  There are 7 primary chakras.  Seven swirling energies that each have their own function being physical and emotional.  Chakras have impact on cells, organs, feelings, and even thoughts.

The first mentions of chakras were around 1500 B.C.E. in the Vedas, ancient Indian religious text. ¬†Even the term “chakra” means wheel in Sanskrit because the energy is always turning. ¬†Throughout the next few days I’ll be guiding you through the in’s and out’s of each. Today, just a short overview.

Uh…so….these chakras…ummm what are they Michelle? ¬†So glad you asked!


1.  Root Chakra- the grounding chakra

2.  Sacral Chakra- the vitality chakra

3.  Solar Plexus Chakra- the personality chakra

4.  Heart Chakra- the love chakra

5.  Throat Chakra- the communication chakra

6.  Third Eye Chakra-  the intuition chakra

7.  Crown Chakra- the spirit chakra


Each day we will be exploring ways how to balance your chakras, what it feels like to have closed chakras, colors associated with each wheel of energy, how to use gemstones and pendulums, and whatever else I feel will be useful to you in your energy journey!

Today, I want you to close your eyes and visualize a bright white swirling around you. ¬†Hold that visualization for at least a minute. ¬†Let go of any thoughts that may come in while you in the midst of surround yourself in this light. This white light is your protection to go through you day with gratitude and support. Remember, whether you want to say God, Universe, or whatever suits your fancy, you are protected. ¬†Your spirit knows what is very best for you even when you aren’t sure.


Affirmation- I am supported and protected always.

Tomorrow I’ll guide you through your first chakra exercise and we’ll be learning about the root chakra.